753 McNabb Street, Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario.
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(Age 3 – Grade 5)

Our caring screened leaders teach our children through large and small group settings that:

  • God can be trusted!
  • The Bible is an exciting personal book.
  • We need to make wise choices
  • We want to love others as God loves us

Our Ministry is Orange because we really believe that families are the number one source of influence in a child’s life and we are ready to equip families to succeed in this important role. Please see – http://whatisorange.org/252basics/ for more info!

On a Sunday, our children participate in our BIG Family worship until they break away into their own specifically designed Bible lessons for their age. Families are then provided “Parent Cues” to help keep the lesson alive in the week by asking simple prompting Q’s that connect right back to Sunday’s message. Super Simple yet incredibly Effective! 

To Learn more about our screening process please visit: http://www.winningkidsinc.ca/?i=2279&mid=1000&id=310881