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We are one big family on a mission to know God’s love, grow in God’s love and show God’s love. It is our intention that you feel like you belong to our family before you believe like our family. So we strive in each of our ministries to make guests feel like family in a relevant warm environment that you’d love to invite your friends to.

Faith in Jesus is a journey we call discipleship. Here are some steps along the path:

1. Connect: Come party with us! This faith journey towards Jesus is all about relationship. We host parties for new people to get to know our family. Upcoming parties are listed in our bulletin.

2. Jesus? What comes to mind when you hear his name? If you’re anything like us, you’ve got questions! This is a five-week discussion designed to help you start thinking a little more serious about Jesus and how He might impact your life. We do this is as a small group of people you met at the party.

3. Support is about making sure we have a group people around us who will support us during our faith journey. We call these supports small groups. Small Groups read God’s Word together and discuss the challenges of real life. These groups are all about love and accountability.

4. Engage is about giving our hearts and hands to God’s service. We are here to help you find your place in the body of Christ. You were made to love God and love others and we do this by serving in a meaningful way.

5. Invite friends who aren’t here yet. You have helped us create a community that welcomes new people so why not invite some?